Back to reality

Ugh. I will not address yesterday, at all. I’m going to plant my head firmly in the sand and pray silently.

I do plan to blog my Journalfest trip. Yes, I know that I said that about Charleston and then I didn’t. Who knows, I might do both.

I mainly took a lot of nature shots on this trip and not many class photos at all. In a way, that is good. I was heavily into what I was doing and the thought of taking more photos didn’t occur to me. I’ll take some photos of the fabric books I made in Roxanne Padgett’s class and the results of Jodi England Hansen’s class once I finish those two books.

Boy, do I wish that I had a few free days to use the ideas and techniques I learned at Journalfest in time to create some new books for sale at the Indie Market on Friday. I have decided to sell the two books that I posted about, but I won’t have much else new until December.

Will update later, really, I promise. Journalfest and Port Townsend were fabulous.

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