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Saturday morning coffee pot post

This week went by so fast! My departure date for Journalfest in Port Townsend, Washington is less than one week away. The anticipation is overwhelming! I will be stitching and painting and drawing and cutting for three solid days with three awesome teachers.

I made a huge amount of paper with the palmetto/cotton pulp Susanne beat for me in her Hollander. I came out with around 90 sheets and they are beautiful! I just now finished drying them all. Lately I have had problems with a lot of cockling (wavy paper) but this batch was near perfect to work with. Speckled and filled with delicate curving fibers. I’m considering simply offering a stack of handmade paper at the next Indie Market at one dollar per sheet.

The next Indie Market will have lots of vendors. They had so many good applications that they asked us to share spaces. So I’m not sure who yet, but Susanne and I will be sharing a tent with another vendor. I’m borrowing this pop-up tent and considering buying it, but gah I have spent money lately as if I am rich. I have a great canvas replica of an 18th century French officer’s tent with a fly that I bought several years ago when we were still doing 18th century reenactments, but it uses stakes and that doesn’t work for street fairs. I think that when Guilford Courthouse rolls around in March I might try to sell it. Sandy will probably try to stop me.

Sandy had his six month check-up (since his heart attack) and is doing really well. He certainly hasn’t let his heart attack stop him – if anything, he has been much more active. So I am proud of him. I, however, fell off the exercise wagon quickly when I got sick and pulled a neck muscle. I’ll try to carve out some walking time today and I plan to walk a lot in Washington if it doesn’t rain all day every day. I need to drive out to the Summerfield/Oak Ridge area and pick up some work that a friend framed for me. Maybe I’ll walk out there.

I finished a book this week that is so beautiful I don’t want to sell it – I’m thinking that I should save some of my best work for my senior exhibition at UNCG. It won’t photograph well because I used shiny sheets of mica on the outside covers. The book started as one titled “Another Spring” and I jumped off that idea. I pasted pieces of rough fibery corn shuck paper that had lots of holes and fibers sticking out all over the outside covers. Then I pasted a color print of eggs from an old natural history book on the front, and another plate of songbirds on the back. I covered these with sheets of mica that are clear enough that you can see the prints. On the inside covers, I pasted some gelatin prints I made of leaves on iris paper. The paper signatures are natural brown handmade paper of varying kinds, but many of them echo the speckled eggs in the print. Then I bound it with a longstitch binding, and went back and bound some driftwood sticks on the spine.

I’ll try to recreate one that is similar for sale, but it will not be the same since I didn’t make copies of the original plates that I used. But I have a lot more of these kind of books to mine out in the studio – it is just such a mess that it will take some searching and moving stuff around.

The weaving urge is coming over me big time – I did a little cardboard ATC sized weaving this week. I love this simple kind of weaving because it is portable and I can pull it out of my bag and work on it when I am waiting for something.

Okay, time to get to work putting some of these painted papers and painted covers and handmade papers together into a book or two. Also, gotta get my CSA bag from the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market.

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