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Saturday morning coffee pot post

I’m back – sorry if I worried anyone with my prolonged absence! A little update then I promise no more talk about my health.

I have been sick with this coughing crud for weeks, pulled a muscle in my neck, and, after a solid year without a “visit from my friend,” discovered that I am not on the other side of the menopause wall yet. I was miserable and tired of griping. However, the medicine that I’m taking for my neck has done wonders for my hands, so I’m happy about that and hope that if my stomach will handle it long-term and nothing comes out about it causing heart attacks (yes, I took Vioxx at one time) that maybe this is an option I can turn to when nothing else works.

I also have been very busy at work and not much into being on the computer much when I get home. I’ve worked on the first Friends of the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market newsletter, and I am now in the middle of taking a volunteer break for the month. I don’t want to get burned out quickly, and frankly, that’s a possibility.

Sandy and I spent a long weekend in Charleston, South Carolina this past weekend. I’ll do a separate post about that, but in the meantime I have the photos that I took up on Flickr. I handed over my Canon Rebel camera to Sandy now that I have a pocket-sized Kodak. I had to get used to not having as many settings, but overall I was pleased with the quality of my photos.

The best news yet is that yesterday I opened my personal email around mid-morning to find that I sold five books that I just re-listed on Etsy to a woman in Alabama, who told me that she had a crew of creative friends that she bought them for. So it is not only a thrill that I made such a big sale, but I am happy that they are going to homes where I hope that they will be lovingly filled with writing and artwork.

This means that I really have to be disciplined this weekend and next about finishing a few more books for the Indie Market on November 6. I have several that are half finished. My goal is to finish at least three book covers in preparation for binding this coming week and bind and finish the two that are ready for pages.

I brought back a couple of palmetto fronds from Charleston, cut them into pieces and boiled them in soda ash water for about four hours last night. I’ll take this to Susanne today so that she can make me one last batch of pulp before cold weather brings an end to pulp-beating on her back porch for the year. I hope that they are broken down enough. I soaked them overnight in the soda ash water.

I’ve been reading a lot lately. I finished “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” by Steig Larsen, “The Master Butcher’s Singing Club” by Louise Erdrich and began “Year of Wonders” by Geraldine Brooks, and I recommend all of them. Plus I go to my stash of wonderful mixed media and fiber art books again and again for inspiration. I don’t know how people live without books.

Gotta go – I’m dropping off the package to Alabama on my way to the farmers’ market.

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