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Saturday morning coffee pot post

A quick post so that I can move stuff out of the bedroom and go to the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market before the heat of the day sets in.

This has been such a busy week. I did get some artwork done, especially last Sunday afternoon when I closed myself into a room with all my art stuff and a gluepot. I hope to finish a couple of books this weekend, and I’ll post photos when they are done.

We walked in Fisher Park again. I didn’t remember it having such huge old beautiful homes. And the front of First Presbyterian. Who knew that my adopted “religion” had such rich members in Greensboro? It looks like a freakin’ cathedral. I thought that Scots were supposed to be tight with their money. You can tell that I’m not much of a Presby because I just struggled so hard to spell it. Anyway, clearly I need to get out more. I made a little folded book with a map of Greensboro to mark off streets as we walk them.

I went to water aerobics class twice this week. (Pause for applause.) Thank you.

I ate enough cheesy chocolately things to reverse any good that the previous actions accomplished. Thank you anyway.

I finished designing and editing a newsletter for Friends of the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market. Well, almost. And I’m still working on the web site – hopefully will add a Paypal account for donations and Google doc forms soon. Then I’m taking a break for next week and the whole month of October, in which I will concentrate on artwork to sell (OR NOT, I truly don’t care at this point, other than it justifies buying more art supplies) and going on vacation. We are taking a long weekend in Charleston, SC, and I’ll go to Journalfest in Washington state the last week in October.

I wanted to spend all day making books, BUT our air conditioning is broken, and I decided to suck it up the last few days of summer, mainly because I don’t want to add to my credit card or take money out of my savings and I’m broke until Thursday. The kicker is that with the heat, my bedroom carpet has ripened with the addition of new cat pee. I’ve had it with keeping the makers of Bac-Out and lately even Clorox in business, and I’m going to rip that ugly pink stinky nasty carpet and padding out of there. It will be nice to breathe at night again.

I’ll carve out some time to finish those two books and start a third one. Susanne is making corn shuck pulp for me this weekend. It is supposed to rain the next few days (hallelujah) so I may have to freeze and refrigerate as much as I can. Papermaking might have to wait until next Saturday.

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