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Saturday morning coffee pot post

This coffee is so good that I’m going to have to make another pot. Lately I’ve been buying my coffee beans from Fresh Roast at the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market. This is the Sumatran Peaberry. I also love the Kenyan Peaberry. Listen, I didn’t used to be a coffee snob. For years I would drink any kind of coffee crap put in front of me, especially if it was free. Instant coffee, coffee out of vending machines. It was all about the caffeine.

This year a Starbucks opened at work. I don’t like Starbucks coffee. It tastes burnt. I always get confused at the counter. The only reason I was drinking it was that my boss would offer to buy me a cup, or I’d walk over there with him. It was a nice, friendly thing to do. It wasn’t about the coffee, which I think is awful, and I don’t understand the appeal.

I’ve been blogging about the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market at where I am part of a development team. It’s easy because I blog about the Market here so much. The Friends group has risen above the lie-driven negative political funk caused by a lot of nonsense and a local yellow rag digging for non-existent dirt, the pages of which I use to line the litterbox area and for mulch on my garden beds. We’re moving forward with positive energy, reaching out to everyone, and organizing into an active force. It’s exciting. It reminds me of the early days organizing Slow Food Piedmont Triad, which is now in the capable hands of others.

Let’s see, I usually recap my week here. I can’t remember yesterday sometimes – it’s a middle-aged thang. I call it my menopause moments. Okay.

Last Sunday Sandy and I went to breakfast at Smith Street Diner and then we took a long walk around Fisher Park. We’re going back there a little later today after I make us some goat cheese omelets at home. Since I quit Weight Watchers I am trying to ease into regular exercise, tough for me because of hip and hand issues.

Sandy has inspired me with his regular early morning routine for the past week and a half, so I joined the Campus Recreation Center at UNCG. I was able to sign up for a year as a recent alumni, which is the cheapest rate. Comes out to around $13 bucks a month. There are a couple of water aerobics classes and even though I don’t like swimming in chlorinated water or locker rooms and communal showers, I decided that was the practical way to begin. My first class was Wednesday night and I have just now gotten over the soreness! The classes are on Monday and Wednesday nights, and I’m going to do them and walk on the other days. I’m not trying yoga again yet because it is hard to put weight on my hands and I’m not limber enough to do yoga on my forearms. It’s possible that I might have to get another steroid shot in my hip, which I dread.

We again have a very small infestation of fleas, and Theo is miserable. I don’t see any on him, or any flea dirt. But I saw a flea last night and Sandy saw a flea on Jazz. We just applied Advantage on August 24-27 on these guys so I wasn’t pleased to spend another @120 dollars so soon. I have to buy a pack for under 9# and one for over 9#. I just hope that we can avoid bombing the house. We haven’t had to do it for several years now.

Yesterday I cooked corn shucks that I have been saving in the freezer for paper pulp. I cut them into 1-2 inch pieces and boiled them in soda ash water for a couple of hours, then let them sit overnight in the water on the deck.

I need to make some books but I feel strangely reluctant to do it. I cooked a lot yesterday and will cook a lot again today. I have a lot of produce in the refrigerator and I’m nearly broke after paying off the new fridge and new mattress last month, so I need to take my lunch and eat at home for the rest of the month. Because next month we will be vacationing! We are spending a long weekend in Charleston, SC and then I’ll go to Journalfest in Washington State the last week of October. I can’t wait!

Oh, and I bought a new camera, a little Kodak C182 point and shoot. I can put it in my pocket and it is easy and lightweight. This makes me very happy.

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