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Sunday morning coffee pot post

We had a nice steady rain yesterday – it helped but I’m sure that we need more. I went out to the Back Forty this morning and picked a handful of butterbeans and field peas, and one large red cayenne pepper. One pepper that is producing like gangbusters for me this year is the habenero. They are way too hot for me, but they are beautiful and I have a co-worker who loves them. I think that next year I’ll plant some sweet banana peppers. I have pulled down branches on the fig tree and enjoyed a few of them, but most of the ripe ones tantalizingly out of reach. We will definitely have to cut this tree way back this fall, so if anyone wants cuttings to root…that’s how we got this tree.

Last weekend was so delightful that it made it really hard to go back to work on Tuesday, but at least I was super busy all week with tasks that I enjoy, for the most part. Have I mentioned lately that I love my job? I love my job.

Last Sunday afternoon we went to Grove Winery’s “Crafts at the Grove” and it was a nice event. The artists were there for three afternoons over the weekend. I’m not sure that I’d want to do that, but they were lucky to have beautiful weather. I decided as we tasted wines that I’m changing my superpower wish to having control over the weather. One potter had a funky style that we liked at good prices, so we bought three plates, a big bowl, and a vase between the two of us. Pretty soon we will not have an inch of empty horizontal space left in this house.

I spent the rest of the weekend making recycled blue paper combined with cotton linter pulp. The cotton adds a needed strength to the recycled paper, which was mostly made up of old transcripts that were to go to the shredder and blue book covers. So I named this my “graduate sweat” paper. I hoped that the red onion skins would add purple splotches, but the red bled out into the soaking water and the pieces showed up as olive green. Still pretty. It was so relaxing and cool doing this out in the gazebo. So nice to finally get back to using my outdoor studio after a record-breaking scorcher of a summer. I now have a nice stack of handmade paper to use, but I realize that I need to concentrate on making as much as I can before it gets too cold for Susanne to use her beater. I can make paper indoors, but afterwards I need to wash out everything outdoors, and I always get soaked!

Thursday night we went to Vintage 301 and shared a big plate of roasted pork loin, polenta hash, and spinach. We dined outside overlooking the sunset and downtown, and followed it with a chocolate gnocchi dessert that was just heavenly. Then on Friday, I went to Weight Watchers, weighed in, came home, and quit over the web site. Unfortunately it had just automatically renewed, so I’m paid up through Oct. 7. But I’m done. I can’t do it. I love good food, salmon, bread, cheese, beer, pasta…I’m just going to have to figure out a way to get motivated to exercise.

Sandy got motivated this week. He joined the Y and actually got up at 5:30 Wed-Fri to swim and do yoga at 6 a.m. I’m left wondering who this pod person is. The Sandy I knew was so grumpy and incoherent before 10 a.m. that it was pointless to talk to him. Now I’m the one grunting at him that I am not getting up. He does have a better incentive than I do, but I’m considering joining the Y and going there after work, not before. It is nearby and it is a good one.

Yesterday was Farmers’ Appreciation Day at the Greensboro Farmers’ Curb Market. I bought lots of veggies and a really yummy new spread that Annah has added to the Zaytoon table – they have a stuffed pepper appetizer that is very popular. She has taken the peppers and made a dip with cream cheese and pecans. I made pita crisps from her whole wheat pitas and had that and marinated goat cheese from Goat Lady Dairy leftover from a potluck party on Friday night, so between quitting WW and those treats I was living in bliss yesterday.

Yesterday afternoon Sandy and I went to Leon’s Beauty School for haircuts and facials. One of my students was a tattooed boy who was very confident and flirty. When I told him that I was working on growing my hair out into an inverted bob, he said, “Of course you are, baby.” The girl who did my facial later asked me how I liked him – that a lot of the older women asked for him because he made them feel special. I enjoyed it, and he did a good job. I noticed later that the very pretty girl who did my facial seemed to have a slight adam’s apple. Hmmmm. That’s pretty tough to overcome. Anyway, we enjoyed our visit there.

We cleaned and took books to Ed McKay’s. I cleaned up my studio space in the bedroom so after I take a long walk, I’m going to make some book covers and paint.

That is all.

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