I am living proof that stress and negativity can make you sick. I try to be a duck, but I tend to be a sponge. Usually by the time I realize that I need to protect my open, welcoming pores, I have absorbed the damaging energy. The effects generally show up days later. I seem to be hard-wired this way, and it takes great awareness to avoid it.

Yesterday was not a good day after a stressful week. I ran into a situation in which I, yet again, overreacted. I realized when I came home that part of the reason I got so upset was that the situation is very much a reflection of our polarized world. I sent out an email to some folks which I have copied here, with a few edits that take that realization into account:

I have decided that I’m not ready to quit yet. But here are my thoughts on how I can continue. I had a therapist once who gave me the best advice I ever heard. Concentrate on what you can control, not what you can’t.

We cannot do anything about obsessive, destructive people who are bent upon destroying the country. Paying attention to them sucks our energy away from what we can do and feeds their frenzy. We have nothing to be defensive about. We should not worry about people who are deliberately trying to break our will. We are in the right. Period. Let them spend all their energy on this while we continue to move forward. We know that the majority of the world and its citizens are on our side.

On the anniversary of Dr. King’s famous speech, I thought about how he exhorted his followers to practice non-violence in the face of beatings and murder. Surely we can overcome this handful of energy vampires. Let them burn themselves out.

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