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Sunday morning coffee pot post

Wow, this was one long week with little to show for it.

I work with history graduate students and faculty at UNCG and classes begin Monday. The week before classes begin is always a busy one. My class this semester will be on Tuesday nights: “Intro to Archival Management.” It is a crosslisted class between Library Information Studies and History. I have considered getting a M.L.I.S. way back to my first year in the M.A. in Liberal Studies program. Considering my deep love for books, both structure and content, it seems like the perfect match for me. But alas, that is not what Library Information Studies stresses these days. They moved to the 21st century without me, with a practical focus on digital databases and web site construction. The art department is the same – it has a book class, but a prerequisite is a design class, using Adobe on a Mac. This class might be the closest one at UNCG in the kind of content that I’m most interested in.

I left web design behind several years ago, when I decided that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life playing catch-up to the developing technology. Plus, I noticed a lot of web designers applying for jobs as secretaries.

Sandy and I visited my friend Ginny and her husband Cecil briefly on Tuesday night. She gave me a big box of pears, and I got to see her preserving closet firsthand and her studio!!!!! which was like a good dream. They had converted their garage to a studio room with windows, so it is spacious and contains a large loom, sewing machine, spinning wheel, worktable, and plenty of room to move around. We made a deal that I would help her with weaving questions and she would help me learn to wrestle my sewing machine into submission. I would love to be able to quilt and since hand-stitching is problematic for me, machine quilting could be the answer to quenching my quilting/mixed media/fabric design craving.

I printed some cards on handmade paper and made handmade envelopes to go with them to sell at the First Friday Indie Market on September 3. Steve finished matting some of my woodcuts, so those will be for sale also. Susanne has agreed to join me at my table so we’ll have her wonderful work for sale and I’ll have some good company. I need to make some more new “stuff” though.

Now I need to finish putting up these pears. I was going to can them but I decided that I don’t have the time or energy to deal with a water bath, so I am freezing them instead. And eating them of course – yum! I love pears.

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