A quick lunchtime post to say that I am in better spirits, despite the fact that my wonderful friend Masoud Awartani died yesterday. He and his family have many dear friends and he will be sorely missed in our community. He had been in bad health for three years, but in the end it was hepatitis, not the cancer, that took his body from us. His spirit will never die.

I was thinking last night that it is very odd that I have had five friends die in the last couple of years at the age of 48.

My chiropractor and I decided to discontinue the chiropractic work and at some point I am going back to the Hand Center for more physical therapy. I have had a couple of good nights of sleep and my hands feel better.

Last night I boiled a bunch of okra stalks with soda ash and set the pot out on the deck (with Sandy’s help) for the stalk pieces to soak in the soda ash water today. After work I’ll rinse them out good and Susanne will help me make paper pulp in her beater. So there is papermaking in my near future.

Hopefully soon I’ll feel up to handling my camera again, since I am enrolled in Photography I this coming semester.

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