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Saturday morning coffee pot post

Just to let you know that I’m still around…a very short post. A very frustrated and depressed post, but I’m trying.

Last night was a bad one with my hands. A lot of numbness, and that disrupts my sleep. Plus, I’ve started getting these frequent muscle twitches in my neck – not painful, but disconcerting. I’m still seeing my chiropractor, so I guess that we’ll address this on Monday and decide what to do from here.

Anyway, this means that it is difficult to type. In fact, it is difficult to do ANYTHING. Anything except walk, so that’s what I did early this morning. I’ll keep this up until my hips say no. Which is a real possibility, unfortunately – I had some major pain yesterday in that region that felt suspiciously like bursitis again.

I’m reading Anne Lamott and Pema Chodron, trying to figure out how to get through this with my sanity intact.

I started Weight Watchers last week and lost 1.8 lbs my first week. I figure that my weight is something that I can do something about, and it should make it easier on the rest of my body not to carry thirty extra pounds around. The short time that I spent in therapy several years ago taught me one good thing – focus on the things you can control.

If I don’t post for a while, I’m probably still here, thinking about all the artwork and gardening that I’d like to do.

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