hate haute hot heat

So hot that the rear view mirror glue melted and I found it dangling from the ceiling in the “new” car yesterday afternoon. It was too hot to touch. I should have expected something like this since my check cleared and the title arrived in the mail yesterday!

I’ll go to the chiropractor this afternoon, where I will probably get some kind of heat treatment, I suspect. Keeping my somewhat numb fingers crossed. He’ll probably want me to come back fifty million times, or maybe twice.

On top of that, I went out to the studio to play last night, and when I shut the door, several of my shelves fell down and bounced all the contents all over the already chaotic room. I just sighed and walked back out. Something in the universe seems to be messing with my ability to carve out some art time.

I had paint leftover from painting the bedroom this weekend and I brushed it over some old calendar pages and newspaper for grounds for Melly’s online class. And I had some fun with making stamps with sticky-backed foam so I’ll do what I can in the little studio corner of my bedroom for now.

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