Whoa, wha’ happened?

Blog went down for a few days. I did a software upgrade and so far it’s stable. It’s not up to the latest upgrade (there was a problem with that) so it might happen again. I plan to get it up to snuff at some point this summer, and I might even work on changing the design again.

Right now, I’m happy that I have a weekend at home ahead of me. I have fun artwork to do, yard stuff to do, and I found a dresser from the 20s-30s at a consignment store that I like a lot. I decided to fix up the room that I use for an indoor studio/second bedroom, so we’ll be painting those god-awful puke colored walls and getting rid of the pink carpet. I don’t do pink, y’all. At least I don’t if I have the energy and money to change it to yellow or purple or something in between.

I sold the Tercel to Susanne this week. Sniffle. Seriously, I miss that car already. It was the first new car I ever picked out for myself and paid for myself. It was 18 years old and still has plenty of life in it. I replaced it with my mother’s 1995 Chevy Lumina, mainly to save her the aggravation of selling it herself.

So I guess I’ll have to figure out a way to personalize this Chevy. I’m thinking polka dots and a dinosaur panorama on the dashboard? Maybe mermaids painted on the sides?

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