The Diamond Belle SaloonDurango looked like a lot of fun. But it was at the end of a long day and I had made reservations for the night at the Far View Lodge in Mesa Verde National Park. We stopped at the historic Strater Hotel and had dinner at the Diamond Belle Saloon. The food was great and inexpensive. We tried to get a room the next night but everything nearby was booked up because of a big bike race.

The Strater HotelThe Diamond Belle SaloonSandy bought the hip hat that you’ll see in future photos on this street. We left Durango thinking that we would reach Far View in 30 minutes, but when we reached Mesa Verde at 10 p.m., we discovered that we had 15 miles of twisty uphill under-construction roads to go. The stars were beautiful, but unfortunately we were too exhausted to stay up and look at them.

The Diamond Belle Saloon

The Diamond Belle SaloonThe Diamond Belle Saloon

The piano was 100 years old and the piano player was talented. I wish that I could play piano like this.