Pagosa Springs and the San Juan River

When we couldn’t find a room in Durango, we drove on to Pagosa Springs. There we found a cheap motel room with free wi-fi that was half a block from the San Juan River. At last I was able to stick my toes in some river water! Really, you could plunk me down on a pebble beach next to some rapids and I’d be happy staying there for the whole day. I put my thumb out to the rafters who went by, but they didn’t pick me up. I picked some horsetail to go with some yucca leaf that I picked up at Mesa Verde (it was weathered and stomped down to the fibers) and I plan to make some Colorado paper with these elements.

Later, after chorizo and eggs at the Elkhorn Cafe, we bought some handwoven rugs at the Wild Spirit Gallery. I had been looking for a handwoven item to buy on this trip, but my intention was to buy a small purse or wallet. The Navajo items were out of my price range and much of the rest seemed like cheap knock-offs or not what I wanted. I was wowed by the Zapotec weavings in this gallery. They were priced affordably but not too cheap, and the quality was excellent. Each had the weaver’s name attached to it. I bought a rug with a bird design to hang on the wall and Sandy bought a second, smaller one that I haven’t decided what to do with yet. Photos later – hopefully they are in transit.

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