Colorado, Family

Boulder, Colorado

I am retroactively blogging my trip because we squeezed every moment to get all the juiciness when we were there. It was one of the best vacations evah. I am still uploading photos to Flickr.

Last Monday afternoon, we went to play in Boulder, which was only a few miles up the road. Pearl Street is the funky shopping district around the courthouse. We began in a used bookstore (you know we can’t pass a used bookstore) where I bought a copy of “Teach Yourself Welsh.” I’d never seen the Welsh language and since I’m about half Welsh I thought that it would be interesting. It ended up being a wildflower press for the trip.

The bookstore owner recommended L’Atelier, the restaurant next door, for lunch. The food was exquisite and very reasonably priced for such an elegant place. Our waitress (and I think the chef) was Czech. My aunt, who is going to Prague in a couple of weeks, asked her what her favorite Czech food was so that she could order it there. She said “sviĉkova.” Take note if you ever get the chance to travel there. We all had seafood of different kinds – I had the cioppino.

There were many wildlife sculptures and Sandy decided to take a photo of each one we came across.

We got silly at the hat kiosk in the middle of the pedestrian mall.

Later we had tea in the restaurant in the historic Hotel Boulderado while we waited out a thunderstorm. Sandy and I noticed on our trip that the West preserves its old hotels and motels while in North Carolina we tear them down to build Best Westerns. Go figure. I find this very sad. Look at this finely crafted lobby and stained glass ceiling.

After we returned to Broomfield we took a walk beside the prairie dog apartment complex. This brave one let me get extraordinarily close before he ducked into his hole.

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