Colorado, Family


Sandy and I have decided to take a road trip through the heart of Colorado to visit the southern National Parks, since the rains of the last week have caused a lot of flooding in the north and east. We are heading south through the Rocky Mountains, hanging a right at the Great Sand Dunes National Park, with our ultimate destination being Mesa Verde National Park. We have no real plans, other than finding a hotel somewhere along the way for two nights, and getting back to Broomfield Thursday evening. This should be a lot of fun, and I’m sure that between the both of us we will take a thousand photos. This marks off a bucket list item for Sandy.

Saturday night we danced and caroused at the Westwinds Tavern in Idaho Springs to my cousin’s husband’s band – Kenny Perkins and the Night Shift. I was amazed at how great they were. We were having so much fun that it was 1:00 before we knew it and we got to bed at about 2 a.m.! And I was worried about not being able to last the night.

Sunday we went to the Denver Art Museum and mainly spent time in the American Indian and Western American exhibits. I would love to go back to this museum and see some other exhibits. It is huge. King Tut is coming here right after we leave, dang it. We did get to see a few European modern artists’ work that I studied this past semester, such as Modigliani, Matisse, Archipenko, and Arp. This is a detail from a huge contemporary tapestry in the American Indian exhibit. I would have more photos from here, but our camera battery went dead.

Later we ate dinner at an excellent Indian restaurant.

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