Back Forty

Back Forty update

As usual, my garden runs behind everybody else’s garden. I do have a couple of little peppers and the tomatoes are soon to come. The lettuce is just about to bolt in the hot weather, but there are many varieties in that patch under the maple tree, so I anticipate that I will be able to harvest the kinds that tolerate heat better for a while yet. The cherries are almost completely gone except for some of the “white” cherries, which are my favorites. It looks like I will have another bumper crop of figs, which I can eat until I make myself sick!

I still need to get more butterbeans in the ground. Maybe this week in the evenings. I have the room for more and plenty of seed. It would be a shame to waste the opportunity, but my hands are going numb as I write this.

My mama was talking about picking squash last night – she doesn’t give up her garden although she says that she is going to quit at the end of every summer. She is 86 and addicted. This year her garden is much smaller, which is good. Her garden was HUGE. Now she complains about nutgrass growing three feet tall. Nutgrass seems to be a particularly hard weed to deal with. I’d love to build her some raised beds so that she won’t have to stoop, but I would need a lot of help. She is putting off cataract surgery until the garden is finished this summer. This is a woman who knows the value of growing your own food.

Okay, I can’t type any more. My thoughts turn to going to Denver next week and setting up my Etsy store again at Slow Turn Studio. I relisted my older books and will have new books up there soon.

Update: Planted Carolina Sieva/Willow butterbeans in the same area where they were last year. (The beans look alike and got mixed up two years ago, so I guess I’ll have a nice hybrid after this year.) Planted Jacob’s Cattle beans with the peppers and broccoli. Pulled out the sugar snap peas and planted Tuscanelli beans (generation three from the ones I bought in the Mercato Centrale in Firenze -really they are cannellini beans. I have more beans but they will have to wait for a couple more spaces to open up. By the way, although it sounds like I have a huge garden, I plant a big variety of seeds in very small patches and containers in roughly a 20 x 20 foot space.

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