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Saturday morning coffee pot post

Ewww – 90% humidity this morning. Yuck, yuck, yuck. Fortunately I will ensconced (my new favorite word) in the studio with the little window AC unit. We try to wait as long as possible to turn on the central AC in the house, partially for sustainable living reasons, partially because we can’t get into the #$^^&*@ basement to change the filter.

The Back Forty looks lush after the rains, finally. I tossed out a French pumpkin that I bought last FALL and never ate it because it was so pretty I couldn’t bear to cut it. I had a couple of old pots that I didn’t dump the soil out of from last year, and since I doubt that I’ll be able to do all the gardening I wanted to this year, I threw some of the seeds in those pots and left the rest for the squirrels and rabbits to eat.

Our lettuce garden is beautiful, and I’ve eaten the few peas that managed to produce in the dry hot spring. The Nanking cherry bushes are bursting with fruit that I just now noticed – I doubt that I’ll do much with them so if anyone wants them, come on over. They are small and delicious, but have pits that have to be dealt with. I usually just snack on them and spit the pit out. The tomatoes are growing like crazy, the okra germinated under plastic juice bottle covers, the Genovese basil germinated but I don’t see the other varieties, the Dixie Lee field peas are coming up under wire protection. LOTS of little figs and blueberries. Beets, as usual, have given me the finger. Why, I ask. Why, when I love you so?

My attention is now turned to making books for the First Friday Indie Market. I’ll have a table on the corner of South Elm and MLK Drive with other artists on Friday, June 4, from 4-9, weather permitting. This weekend I’ll be tearing, cutting, and folding papers, sorting through my leftover paste papers from Diana’s class, painting more papers, printing with the rollers from Traci’s class, making book cloth with the batiks from Melanie’s class, and using the instructions for Albie Smith’s class in my bookmaking this weekend. I haven’t forgotten the metal book covers from Leighanna’s class, but I’ll save that for later when I get the Crop-a-dile that I ordered. I’d say that Art and Soul was money well spent. Life is good.

Our trip to Colorado is coming up fast, and it looks like one of our days will be spent rafting in Idaho Springs with my cousin and her husband. I’m getting very excited about this trip, since these are fun relatives we’ll be visiting and I’ve never been to this part of the country.

Okay, gotta go to the farmers’ market and get out to the studio. Next, I’ll be blogging Albie Smith’s, Melanie Testa’s, and Traci Bunkers’ classes at Art and Soul.

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