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Art & Soul Virginia – Diana Trout

Oh, how I love this lady with the wry wit and down-to-earth vibe and cozy friendly demeanor. Every person I meet who has met Diana Trout raves about her. I feel so fortunate to have taken her class and had drinks and dinner with her and Melanie Testa. Oh, it was not a surprise – I have her book Journal Spilling and I listened to a podcast interview that she did with Ricë at the Voodoo Cafe.

On Friday, I took her Flag Book class. We spent the morning painting and stamping and scraping and stenciling paste papers for the book, and then the afternoon was spent making the covers and spine and attaching our pages. The book is not only a feast of color but makes a satisfying fluttery noise as it expands to its full glory. I will definitely be using this structure to make some photo albums.

Diana’s blog is Hub Bub. Here are some photos from the class.

Oh yeah, I like that book verra much indeed.

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