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Art & Soul Virginia – Day One

I’m here in Hampton, Virginia, getting ready to go to my first class at Art & Soul. This year the theme is Alice in Wonderland.

Roomie Stephanie got in late last night, and our suite is filled with art supplies. I gave up trying to carefully organize and pack and chose to throw most of my studio in my car. So I spent a couple of hours last night sorting through and getting my supplies ready for class today.

Finally got to meet Ricë and the EGE of Notes from the Voodoo Cafe fame. The first thing she commented on was my Southern accent. And she’s from TEXAS! Then Stephanie commented on not being used to hearing it. It’s weird because I spent a long time obsessing over my accent, and then, thankfully, embraced it. I don’t really notice other regional accents – I guess because of almost fifty years of watching TV and working at a university that enrolls a lot of out-of-state students. Apparently mine stands out, and I’m going to take that as a compliment.

Today’s class will be with Carla Sonheim, making “Junk Mail Artist Books.” Doesn’t she look like fun? Hopefully I will have good photos and will blog it later.

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