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Saturday morning coffee pot post

Every day is shedding season when you have four indoor cats in a small house, but right now it is almost intolerable. I swear, Theo has lost half his weight in fur. We will definitely have to make a dent in it this weekend.

My trip to Art & Soul in Hampton, Virginia is almost here! I’ll leave on Wednesday, and Sandy will be stuck with the Tercel, ha ha. So I have to spend a lot of time this weekend getting my supplies packed. I have six classes, five day classes and one evening class! Whew! What was I thinking? I’m going to be completely exhausted, but I hope that it will be happy exhaustion. I am considering taking the laptop and blogging it, since my roommate paid for Internet connection last year we can split it this year.

I have been trying to save my hands for this trip. My physical therapist yesterday told me that I would need to choose my battles, find other ways of creativity when one way hurts too much, and stop doing what I’m doing for a while when it begins to hurt. Basically, what I didn’t want to hear. I started naming a few of the things that I don’t do anymore that I miss: pottery, crochet, tennis, paddling, bowling. Am I going to add gardening, cooking, stitching, tapestry, bookbinding and weaving to that list? Jeez. I guess that I’ll try to add whining to it, but this has been a major kink in my life journey. I’ll see the doctor again on Tuesday. My hands ARE better, but I haven’t put them to a real test.

I bought our plane tickets and reserved a car rental for our trip to Denver in June. My original plan was to go to Prince Edward Island for a papermakers’ gathering and spend several more days exploring the area from a beach house rental that was quite inexpensive. However, Sandy was not interested in going at all and I had promised him that he could pick the next vacation. Denver was mutually agreeable to both of us because my lovely Aunt DeLaine and first cousin Cherie live outside of Denver, and Sandy’s first cousin Donna lives there. Neither of us have been there before, and we have wanted to go for a long time. We’ll go to see Kenny Perkins, Cherie’s blues musician husband, play the first night we’re there. Cherie did his website, and the animation is so cool that you really should take a look. Then we’ll explore the Denver area, have dinner with our families. Other than that, I think that we’ll drive south to see some Anasazi ruins, maybe raft if I can find a trip where I won’t have to paddle, maybe ride a train…suggestions are welcome!

My experience at the Shindig on the Square was so positive that I signed up for a table at the next First Friday Indie Market on June 4. The one on the corner of MLK and South Elm – I wasn’t aware of the second one in Center City Park. But I love that area – it is my kind of city place. We’ve spent a few evenings at Vintage 301 on MLK at Southside now and I’m very fond of it. They buy from local farmers and the chef is inventive and talented.

The semester is over. I am joyful that the summer season has begun for me. Here’s hoping for some rain between now and Wednesday, when I hope that it will conveniently stop.

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