Back Forty

Back Forty update

Whew! I feel sure that I overdid it in the Back Forty today, but the weather is cool and breezy and sunny and it doesn’t get much better than it was today in North Carolina. Sandy got out there with me, and we trimmed vines and mulched paths with cardboard and pine needles, and did a lot of weeding and general clean-up. I cut the bottoms out of square plastic juice bottles and put them over my okra seedlings and peppers. If I didn’t do this, I’d never get any okra. A few of the cotton seeds, green and brown varieties, are coming up in pots.

Yesterday I planted Dixie Lee field peas, Genovese basil, lime basil, and dark opal basil, bull’s blood beets, State Fair zinnia mix, stevia, and a few assorted little pumpkin and cucumber seeds given to me by a friend. I don’t normally have much luck with either cucumbers or the squash family, but I’ll give anything a shot and plant over it if it doesn’t succeed without a lot of crying about it. Like the broccoli seed I planted earlier. I knew that I should have started it inside, but I did get a couple of seedlings. The radishes and fennel didn’t germinate either so I planted pepper plants that I bought from the farmers’ market in their place. Last weekend I put in six Cherokee Purple tomatoes from Handance Farm and transplanted some volunteer tomatoes to the sunniest bed.

It is very, very dry here. I think that all the water is being dumped to the west of us on the other side of the mountains. Wish that there was a way to even things out! I put some mosquito dunks in my rain barrels. Since I can’t really carry a watering can the rain barrels don’t help much anyway. I was going to plant more seeds but when I saw the weather forecast for the week I decided to wait until there was a better chance of some decent rain.

We clipped some blueberry branches that were shooting up without any berries and dipped them in rooting hormone powder and stuck them in a pot of compost. If it works, I don’t know where in the hell we would put them but it would be neat to propagate them anyway.

Lots and lots of delicious lettuce! I recommend the Wild Garden Lettuce mix from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange highly.

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