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Sunday update

Thanks for your support, as always, my readers rock.

I slept without my brace last night and slept well without numbness. Both hands were sore and stiff but quickly came back to normal this morning so I’m going to try to make a post of handmade paper this afternoon when it gets a little warmer outside.

Yesterday I put together three books with handmade paper and bound one. My plan this morning is to design and put together one book for each evening this week, so that I bind one book per night. Holding the needle is the main problem, and as long as I don’t spend all day making the same motion I think that I should be okay. That could be a problem with the papermaking, but I don’t want that beautiful thawed out pulp to go to waste, and it will only be for a few hours this afternoon.

The lump in my left hand is not sore any more so I think that I can put off rescheduling my orthopaedic appointment for a while.

I finished Corelli’s Mandolin and started Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner. Have I mentioned lately my love for the free shelf at Ed McKay’s? Even if they do put big black marks on the cover artwork of beautiful old books? I had the audacity to ask them to put the marks, meant to signify that they are free, anywhere but on the center artwork of a cover. Sandy was mortified. But even if they are free, messing up the artwork will sometimes prevent a beautiful early-20th/late 19th century book cover from being given new life as an artist’s book or journal. Their response was that the book should have gone in the trash, so I think that my nicely-made point was totally unlistened to from the first word out of my mouth. I got some beautiful color plates of birds and animals from the book in question, though.

To the Back Forty I go.

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