Sandy’s heart

Hello from beautiful Moses Cone hospital in the heart of Greensboro, North Carolina! I’m here today with my marvelous husband, who had a mild heart attack on Tuesday night. He is doing very well and hopefully he will be released tomorrow.

We are fortunate in many ways. First, that he was home with me when it happened, so I was able to convince him and drive him to the hospital. Second, that the nearest emergency room was 5 minutes away. Third, that he only had one blocked artery that was easily unblocked with a catheter and a stent. Fourth, it was done within three hours of his first symptoms and so there was little damage to his heart. And fifth, thank God, we have very good insurance.

The moral of this story is that if you suspect that you might possibly be having a heart attack, GO TO THE HOSPITAL or DIAL 911 immediately! Time is of the essence because the longer your heart is not getting oxygen from a restricted blood flow, the more damage you will sustain to your heart.

It is much better to feel a little embarrassed over an anxiety attack or indigestion than to be dead because your own diagnosis was wrong.

He’ll be out of work for 2-3 weeks and will be enrolled in a cardio rehab class three days a week.

We’re asking that you wait to visit until he gets home. Please do not let him do cartwheels in the street or dance the mamooshka or let him volunteer to help you move! He feels fine.

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