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Back Forty update

We were able to get some good compost cheap from our friends who bought a truckload of it. I spent late this afternoon spreading most of it and planting a few more seeds before the expected rain tomorrow night. I have to admit that I had a pretty lackadaisical attitude about these seeds since I’m looking forward to tomatoes, okra, butterbeans, and field peas, all of which will have to wait. These seeds are pretty old, and I’ll be happy with whatever I get, or nothing.

I planted calabrese broccoli in the middle bed, with a couple of different kinds of radishes and fennel. I tossed some oakleaf lettuce seed saved from a couple of years ago in the area where the tomatoes will eventually go. Threw leek seeds behind the sugar snap peas in one of the winter beds.

The asparagus is coming up on four of the original ten crowns. I’m just happy that I have any after the neglect they received last year.

A squirrel has snapped off almost all the budding branches on the white Nanking cherry bush. This is a new low for the squirrels.

Peas are sprouting, the garlic looks healthy, and I found one little lettuce volunteer from the lettuce disaster last fall. I think that the ants in that bed carried all the seed away. The winter bed nearest the maple tree has a variety pack of lettuce seeds all coming up. I will have lots of fresh salad greens soon. There is nothing better than produce picked outside your back door and placed as quickly as possible in your mouth!

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