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Saturday morning coffee pot post

This Saturday we woke up to snow on the ground. Again. Every frickin Friday for the past three weeks it’s been some kind of frozen weather. At least we don’t have three feet like our neighbors to the north. But everyone over the age of 12 seems to be pretty much sick of it around here.

Last Saturday the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market was closed for the second Saturday in a row, and it really should not have been. The roads were not bad. So Donna Myers and Greensborough Coffee collaborated to host a “Fair Weather Farmers Market” on State St. on Sunday. Sandy and I went and purchased cheese, beef, and eggs. It was a great idea that I believe they are planning to do again, but on weekdays when I can’t go.

I’ve been very lazy at home this week. Busy at work, though. We’re in the middle of graduate school application review and course scheduling for next year. I come home and tend to be in bed by 8:30 or 9 p.m.! I don’t quite know what’s up with that, but I figure that I must need it. A lot of times I am content to lay there, hug Theo, and just let my mind drift. Or if I fall asleep, I wake up in the middle of the night and read for a while. I attribute this to the prolonged cold weather and also my sinus infection, which is much better but probably has run me down quite a bit despite all the vitamins and neti pots and Mucinex.

So I’m pretty boring right now, don’t have much to say. I’ll post the latest update on my embroidery later.

An interesting group on Facebook has organized – Join the Coffee Party Movement. They are quite seriously developing a movement for progressives. I recently ditched the Democrats so I’ll follow this to see if they actually get something going. The Green Party lost me when they cost Al the election in 2000. I’d like to see a strong grass roots movement of something to counteract the Tea Party crazies. I assumed that the tea partiers would crash and burn under their own ridiculous paranoia, but in the same country where Dubya was elected twice I should know better. Americans are such sheep. The majority of us want to be told what to think for convenience’s sake.

Sandy and I will probably head down to our neighborhood corner bar, College Hill Sundries, for the first time in a long, long time later this afternoon. They are having a fundraiser for Save College Hill. We have a great lawyer for our side, but of course we need to pay him. And the signs and flyers all cost money too, but I believe that it has all been money well spent. I just wish that our city councilperson, Zach Matheny, would advocate for his constituents in this matter. By all indications, he might even vote for the developer, which would be a real blow for true democracy, considering that the vast majority of residents oppose this particular development and he knows it. I think that he will definitely be voted out if he doesn’t vote on our side, because the rest of the neighborhoods in his district are watching too. One can only hope that he will pay attention and do the right thing.

Latest addiction: Mahjong Titans, that came with my Windows 7 games. Augggghhh. What a time waster.

Thinking about the garden for this year. Cherokee purple tomatoes, lots of butterbeans and peas again, Choppee okra if I can get it past the rabbit, hot and sweet peppers in pots. Cotton – Erlene’s green and Nanking, a copper colored one, both from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. Garlic and leeks. I believe that I’ll buy tomato and pepper plants from Handance Farm this year instead of growing from seed. This will be the first year in a long long time that I have not started seeds indoors. I will be able to harvest my asparagus if it survives the cold and the weeds I let grow in it this year. I have enjoyed Tuscan kale all winter, but now with the snow covering everything for so long the rabbit has eaten the rest of it.

The flock of robins that showed up yesterday is totally confused. They thought that they left the snow behind. They bombed my car with bird crap yesterday to the point that I could not possibly drive it to the car wash without washing it first. I mean, it is covered. At least maybe this snow will soften it up so that I can sponge it off when the weather warms above freezing and then I’m parking on the street for a while, out from under the tree. Damn birds. It’s a good thing that I don’t need to drive this car often.

Okay, time to go to the market and then I promised myself some art time.

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