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Another snow day

This time my place of work closed for the entire day and announced it before we all left for work. I woke up earlier than usual, though. Any other day I’d be lolling in bed, groaning about leaving my warm cocoon. We’re getting a slick coating of ice over this snow now. Bad winter weather in North Carolina usually means freezing rain. We don’t get snow as often as ice. Today we’re getting both.

I’m not especially happy, although I don’t mind having a day off. It’s that I’m bored, and that I’d like to go to the farmers’ market tomorrow morning, and even if it is open this crappy freezing rain is supposed to last through tomorrow. And there’s an artist talk and opening reception at Weatherspoon Art Museum tonight that I’d like to attend. It’s just walking distance around the corner from me, but if the roads are dangerous I’m afraid that they will cancel and the artist will go home. His name is Leonardo Drew and he uses paper and found objects in sculpture and assemblage. It is not often that I am actually interested in an artist at Weatherspoon, but I saw an installation going up on Wednesday and it looks fascinating.

Sandy left for work about thirty minutes ago and I hope that his journey is safe there and back tonight at 7 pm. At least he doesn’t work second shift any more.

I think that I’ll have my own art retreat day right here. I’ll polish off the leftovers from this week for meals, and let the cooking and housecleaning go. Play my new Lyle Lovett CD, listen to podcasts, This American Life, and Anne of Avonlea. Take a long hot bath and inhale some steam. During and in between, I’ll be stitching and painting and maybe bookbinding. I started this project this morning. I’ll be playing with this one, really trying to let myself go wild. The first step is to stitch the outline of the cardoon flower over these layers of painted fabric and cheesecloth, then I’ll tear this water-soluable paper away and add fabric pieces, stitching, and beads.

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