coffee pot posts

Sunday snowy day coffee pot post

Coffee pot posts are the posts where I write anything that comes to mind until my little coffee pot is empty.

Today will be soup day, since I didn’t get around to that yesterday. I will be using the last of my onions and only one last clove of garlic. Why, oh why, did I not make a list when I did my grocery shopping earlier this week? Fortunately, I do have some delicious dried seasonings and rubs from Cornerstone Garlic Farm from the Greensboro Farmers Curb Market. Natalie says that she will have green garlic at the market this coming weekend. In a pinch, I could dig through the snow to my own green garlic. A day without fresh garlic is like a week without sunshine.

The sun is sparkling off the snow and casting lumpy shadows. The pair of doves were sitting in the fig tree, and one looks heavy with eggs. The rabbit is back. S/he is over in NDN’s yard this morning. A very small cardinal is darting crimson, singing its little heart out.

Gah, and they are already predicting a chance of rain and snow for NEXT weekend. I don’t wish to complain, but…how about during the week for a change, Ma Nature?

I don’t have to feel a pinch of regret for choosing home over church this morning, since services were called off. And my “church” services are way more fun than the church of my childhood ever was, so it is more of a regret than you might realize, considering that I am not a religious person. At least as far as any rules and dogma goes.

I’ve decided to go off birth control pills for the first time in thirty years. At 49, I think that I’d like to see how my natural cycles run for a while. If I go crazy or drive everybody else crazy, then I’ll see what my options are.

I’m excited that I was able to add a class taught by Albie Smith to my lineup of classes at Art & Soul in Hampton, Virginia in May. I really wanted a class by her but they filled up right away. The plan had been to stay there from Wednesday to Friday nights. Now I will stay through Saturday night and drive home Sunday evening after her class. I have a roommate to share the room. The hotel is quite expensive but has a really great free breakfast in which I can fill up and then squirrel away some fruit and yogurt for lunch. I tend to keep going through lunch at these workshops because I never want to stop in the middle of the day. Since I am driving I can bring a cooler of food for dinner too. Then in the evening there are free drinks. So far I have not scheduled anything for Saturday, so I might drive down to the little state park beach nearby, then come back and soak in the whirlpool. I have the money saved in my fun fund to cover this. Now I have to start on saving for Prince Edward Island.

Oh my, just saw on Facebook that Natalie lost her father and Cat lost her grandmother yesterday. The end of January is proving to be a rough time for many.

Yes, I wore my Danskos out in the snow. Nice things are wasted on me.

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