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Retreat planning for 2010

My mind in on art retreats again. Actually, my mind is seldom NOT on art retreats, but I won’t go into the subject of obsession today.

So, I am planning to go spend a week in mid-June on Prince Edward Island, rent a little oceanfront cottage on the Northumberland Strait, hopefully sharing the rent with some nice papermakers, and spend at least half of those days making paper and attending workshops. The agenda has not been totally settled yet, but so far it sounds like a gathering to make paper with local materials and perhaps workshops including making kites, pulp painting, and printmaking on our handmade papers. I’m mainly interested in the retreat aspect – just getting away and focusing on art – but I’d do a couple of workshops. I also plan to rent a car and explore the island, including the Lucy Maud Montgomery sites. I’ll have to reread the rest of the Anne of Green Gables series or listen to them on audiobook. And beachcombing. Lots of beachcombing.

What is distressing is that the price of a round trip plane ticket to Charlottetown almost doubled since I checked it a week or so ago, and I have no clue why. That adds about $400 to the trip, and I already felt pushed about it. So I checked the prices for my trip to Port Townsend in October, and tickets to Seattle are still the same. I am not a seasoned air traveler, and I wonder if I should go ahead and buy my tickets now or wait. I have enough points on my miles card to pay for the Seattle trip, but I won’t if it jumps up in price.

I have already paid to go to Art & Soul in Hampton, Virginia in late May, and will just need to pay my roommate for my part of the hotel room. I definitely want to go back to Journalfest in Port Townsend, and that should definitely be doable by late October. The question is Prince Edward Island. I could save $500 by flying into Bangor, Maine and driving 6.5 hours, probably alone, through New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island. I’m not sure what to do, but I’m leaning toward going there one way or another.

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