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Saturday morning coffee pot post

hai long time no see

It’s not only that I haven’t had much to say. It is also that typing for more than a few words makes my hand ache, and so I’ve been saving it for work, since the spring semester, the semester in which I really earn my keep, begins on Tuesday. The main parts of my job, which are managing our graduate school application process and course scheduling, both happen during the same time period.

I’m going to the orthopedic doctor who treated my hip in a few minutes, to have him look at my hand and see if there is anything new he can offer. I have discovered that the two last fingers on my left hand actually are useful and sometimes necessary.

In more cheerful news, I am enjoying my new embroidery project and I’ll post an updated photo on the sidebar every few days. I think that I am enjoying the design process as much as anything. Before now, mentioning Photoshop would only serve to make me grouchy, reminding me of the many times that I’ve tried to wrap my brain around it (or Illustrator) and failed, three times in classes that I withdrew from in migrainy frustration. Of course, that could have been the %#^$&* MAC, which I consider to be a machine sent from hell. However, I love love love playing with the filters in Photoshop and have been altering photos like crazy. So far my favorite filters are fresco, cutout, and poster edges. Solarize is really groovy too.

I have a three-day weekend opening up in front of me, and it is sweet. I hope to actually get the plumber here on Monday. He was supposed to come week before last, but I have not heard from him. I’m cutting him some slack because I know that the cold snap brought a crazy amount of broken pipes, but I get really annoyed that he can’t be bothered to return my phone call. On Sunday, Beck and I are going to make up our movie date that I missed week before last when my car battery died.

If you don’t see a post for a while, it may be due to my doctor visit. Cross fingers for me! I want to be making paper again soon.

UPDATE post-dr visit: I sprained the tendon between my fingers, bruised the nerve running down the side of my hand, and the lump under my palm is scar tissue from stretching the ligament. All will heal with time, thank goodness. It’s just taking a LONG time. There’s nothing that can be done about it except he recommended naproxen and squeezing a sponge for physical therapy.

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