We have a two-hour opening delay this morning. How nice to relax with my coffee on a Monday morning!

I hope to have a few photos of my latest book and new project in progress later this week. My camera battery died. Yes, it is rechargeable, but it won’t hold a charge. I didn’t read the part in the manual that recommended I take it out of the camera when not in use. This explains the problems that I’ve been having with the camera behaving oddly lately. I found one on the Internet that is supposed to be compatible for a reasonable price, but it’s likely that I won’t get it until after Christmas. I did manage to get a few shots off of the remaining life in it, but I can’t unload the photos off the card. :-(

Sandy noticed that I’ve been feeling depressed, although I thought that I was hiding it pretty well. He took me out for an expensive meal at 1618 West Seafood Grille last night. It was a beautiful restaurant with elegantly presented food. Sandy had scallops and I had Chilean sea bass (yes, I know, not on the sustainable list! bad me). The bass was so sweet that it reminded me of scallops. I also had a glass of Censored Copper Ale, one I haven’t see before, that was very tasty. I’ll have to look for this one at Bestway on Walker Ave., which has an awesome selection of beers.

For lunch, however, I made a Tuscan stew that was delicious and mostly local: Tuscan kale harvested from the back yard in the snow – incredibly mild, as well as a beautiful winter plant. Sauteed with olive oil, garlic, onion, tomatoes that were harvested in late October that ripened inside, fresh basil frozen in ice cube trays. Added organic navy beans that simmered on the woodstove the night before, certified humanely raised sandwich ham, and chicken broth. All from the garden or Deep Roots Market. I made cornbread in my iron skillet with popcorn cornbread mix and buttermilk from Homeland Creamery. The cornbread was fantastic – not sweet like a lot of people make it around here, but with a hearty popcorn flavor.

The Fabulous ZhaK and I had sushi at Sushi Republic on Thursday night, and Becky and I had dinner at Aquaria last Sunday night, so I’ve been eating really well lately. Now I need to look ahead to Christmas and prepare to go to my sister’s and my mother’s this coming weekend.

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