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Saturday morning coffee pot post

We are at the tailend of a winter storm here in North Carolina. The Back Forty is covered in snow and a crust of ice.

Just kidding. This is a bit more manageable.

Sandy gets off work at midnight and the roads were treacherous. He managed to get home safe and sound but I had to help him park the car on our street while he and a neighbor pushed. I won’t be driving anywhere today. I’m so glad that I don’t have to. I still have memories of the December when I managed a bookstore in Burlington and it snowed three weekends in a row. Once it was pure ice and out of some misguided dedication I drove 30 miles to the store where there were no customers fool enough to go out and I ended up in the median of I-40 with lots of company on the way home.

I have no milk. Grrrr. I even bought an overpriced pint of milk at the C-store yesterday just so I would have milk for my coffee and cereal this morning. I left it in the office refrigerator. Thank goodness for hot cocoa mix!

Most of my work for the semester is done. I’m resting up for January when most of my workload for the year begins. Spring semester is when I really earn my salary – I have graduate student applications to organize and next year’s course schedule to plan and load all at the same time, along with the normal stuff. I love my job. Seriously, I really do.

I am finishing up The Birth of Venus by Sarah Durant this morning. I found it slow and dull at first, but it picked up speed about a third of the way in. It’s a novel that takes place in Florence during the time of Savonarola, the mad monk, during the Renaissance. I have so many good books to read right now, and almost all were free, either from the free shelf at Ed McKays or from a professor that retired this semester and gave me my choice of her book club library. I also ordered When Wanderers Cease to Roam, by Vivian Swift, whose blog is a real kick to read. She has now made my list of extremely cool people.

Woodstove is fired up. I’ll probably cook up some soup on it later. To the studio, onward!

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