I made a very tiny batch of paper last night – only six small sheets but that’s better than nothing! It didn’t bother me so I think if I use a small vat so that I don’t have to carry a heavy container of pulp then pulling and couching the sheets should be okay. I even found that I could wash out my equipment in a dishpan and toss the rinse water outside or in the houseplants, so I will be able to do it inside on cold days too. I can press the sheets with weight on top of cardboard on the floor and now that I have this drymount press my paper is flat and even and I can dry it in 15 minutes. Making small batches will be easier on my back anyway. So I’m pretty happy about this.

I think that I’m going to try acupuncture for the pain in my hand if it takes a turn for the worse but actually last night was the first time in a while that it didn’t wake me up in the middle of the night, so maybe it is getting better.

I haven’t tried bookbinding since Journalfest but will give that a go some time in the next few days. Thank goodness I’m starting to see some progress!