Tomorrow we’re going to head down to Sunset Beach, where my sister rented an oceanfront duplex and is hosting Thanksgiving for my family members. We’ll swing by my mother’s house on the way and pick her up. I don’t have to take much – I made the asparagus casserole that has become my holiday dish, and I’m bringing fruit and marinated goat cheese from Goat Lady Dairy and two different tasty dips from Zaytoon. Mama will bring cornbread dressing and butterbeans and probably a half dozen other things including desserts if I guess right.

The weather is supposed to be beautiful on Thanksgiving Day, which is good since we’ll have to come right back. Sandy has to work on Friday. If I really want to I could probably catch a ride back with my sister on Saturday, but I think that I’ll come back with Sandy. I’d just as soon be at home right now anyway. I have a lot of artwork to do, and Mr. Theo needs to be scratched.

Don’t forget – buy what you need tomorrow because Friday is Buy Nothing Day. It amazes me when I hear people complain about having to get up on Friday so early to go shopping. Seriously. Do they not know that they have a choice? Just because something’s on sale doesn’t mean that you have to buy it. I swear it is like zombieland out there. People would rather suffer than change or think for themselves.