I’m a bit typing impaired this week, since I decided to tape up two fingers on my left hand in an effort to speed up healing. The silliest things make my hand hurt, and some perfectly understandable things too. I need to be reined in.

Yesterday I spent several wonderful hours painting watercolor papers with acrylics to make background pages for another larger journal. The book that I am upcycling for this journal is a guide to Colorado mining camps and towns. It has a lot of interesting hand-drafted maps in it. So for the rest of the pages I’m going to collage in some of the maps from the book and paint washes over them.

After lifting up and out the heavy section of deck to get into the basement to check for flooding and change the filter in the furnace yesterday, Sandy and I have decided to get rid of the deck and make a patio of the large cement slab underneath. The deck is old and rotting and it is so difficult and unsafe to get to the basement that we don’t think it is worth it, and we don’t have the money to replace it. I had a hard time helping yesterday because of my hand and Sandy almost took out his knee falling down trying to do most of it on his own.

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