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Saturday morning coffee pot post

Ah, how I love the first couple of hours on weekend mornings, when I am allowed to slowly transition from dreams to reality. Theo is playing by himself with a wine cork, and another cat, probably Miss Jazz, hisses from under the bed each time he passes by. I have not had another dream about Squirt since Theo came to live with us. I hope that he is now resting in peace.

Now with the holidays approaching my dreams tend more toward anxiety dreams about family and dinner preparations and clean-up. If you had been at my mother’s house last Thanksgiving and Christmas, you would understand. This year my sister has rented a house at Sunset Beach so hopefully since she will be in control it will be less stressful for everyone.

Anyway, (I’ve noticed that leading a sentence with “anyway” is a habit that I picked up from my mother) this weekend I will try to get some painting and bookbinding done, but the main thing that I need to do is study for my medieval art history exam on Wednesday, a source of great anguish for me since the best that I’ve been able to do is a “B” so far, and I’m used to making “A”s. I mean, this is a 200-level undergrad class and I have a masters degree, for God’s sake. I waver between not trying as hard and settling for a “C” or “D” or studying as hard as I can for another “B” like I did last time. It wouldn’t bug me as bad if there were not plenty of people making “A’s in the class. There are plenty of people failing too, though.

I think that I’m leaning toward the settling option since I really couldn’t care less about the minutia of how one Romanesque church differs in floor plan from another.

Next semester I am taking Modern Art, then I’ll take a 20th century art class from George Dimock, and then I’ll be done with my art history requirements for the degree.

I took Theo to the vet on Tuesday. He had a large bump on his tail with a very thick odd looking scab on it that kept growing. It made Sandy and I both nervous enough to take him in. He saw a new vet there that I liked a lot, and she thought that it might be a spider bite and gave him a steroid shot. I was a bit afraid that it might be a tumor, and she wasn’t sure that it wasn’t a tumor, but she said that it seemed to be on top of the skin. It has almost gone away now so whew! He acted unhappy all week so I am very glad that he is playing and purring again.

I enjoyed journaling and playing with photos again last night and here is the latest page. I’ve also been printing out small photos of our Alaskan trip and pasting them into my little Alaska travel journal.

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