Timmy has a new name. I’m calling him Theo, a name I’ve always liked, and it suits him. Sandy can call him what he wants but I knew that if I didn’t change his name right away he would be Timmy forever, just like what happened with Mama Kitty. We already have a Tim in the family.

The other cats are not too happy with the situation, but Theo seems to be right at home. Last night he explored the whole house with Guido hissing and growling at him at about a six foot distance. Finally Theo walks up to Guido, bends his head so that Guido’s nose touches Theo’s forehead, looks up, hisses back at Guido, and walks away from a stunned Guido. It’s like he’s saying, Hey man, I don’t want no trouble witchu, but I’m not gonna take your crap either. Cool, Theo, way cool.

He lay on the corner of our bed for a while as if he was relaxing and taking in the sights on a balcony, while Miss Jazz and Guido stared and hissed at him. Miss Lucy jumped up on the bed and seemed distressed about his presence, but stayed on the bed, civil but wary. Theo is clearly interested in being friends. It will happen, except for Miss Jazz, but even with that you never know. She lets Miss Lucy groom her from time to time now.

Theo and I slept in the other room last night and he was an absolute cuddle-bear. I hated to go to sleep because, well, I have had so many dreams about Squirt being with me again, and woke up to a Squirt-less reality, a very hard start to the day. I was almost afraid that this was a dream because Theo is so surreally identical to Squirt. But he slept on top of me and woke me up with a meow and a lick on the nose this morning, much like Squirt would have done. I can’t tell you how deliriously happy this made me.

Today I came home for lunch and let him roam around again for a little while. I put him back in the closed bedroom, and he seemed fine with it. He seems fine with anything, except he’s not thrilled about the cuisine. I might have to go back to Petsmart and pick up some of the dry food they fed him. He loves Whiskas treats. He’s been scratching a lot since we picked him up so I gave him a dose of Revolution.

Now he’s on my lap, and Guido has been nosing around and gave him a little tap, no growling or hissing. Theo didn’t even react. I petted them both at the same time. I think that the situation is getting rapidly better. He might be sleeping in the big boy bed tonight.

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