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Sunday morning coffee pot post

I hope to have wonderful news to share later this afternoon.

Yesterday after a really lazy start to my day, I decided that I had to deal with the incredible mess that the “cat-free” second bedroom has become. This is where I keep my clothes (old houses generally are very short on closet space) and sleep when one of us is sick, or Sandy is snoring REALLY loud. I also tend to dump all my junk on the futon bed in here. I bring the houseplants that the cats like to chew on in here for the winter, and raise my seedlings on shelves beside the window, which faces south and gets a pretty good amount of sun. It’s a small room and it gets full quickly.

This is where Squirt spent the last week of his life – he loved this room and it was a forbidden pleasure for him to be in here. He didn’t have the energy to deal with the other cats, who didn’t understand that he was tired and sick, so he was happy to be alone in here. Keep this fact in mine for the announcement that I hope to make later.

Despite that memory, I love this room. Of all the rooms in the house, this one feels like mine.

Rearranging the room made it possible for me to put in a small worktable where I can paint and collage. I need to organize my art supplies now. The outside studio can still serve as storage, since the loom takes up a lot of room and yarn needs a truly cat hair free environment and when you get into mixed media, you end up with an enormous amount of stuff. I can work in here on non-weaving, non-papermaking projects in comfort, except for hearing Guido yowl outside the door.

Sandy and I are both on diets now. He had a physical this past week and has three months to get his numbers down before they will put him on meds. His glucose is high and my triglycerides were high the last time I had them checked and I have lots of diabetes on both sides of my family. Sandy has a huge sweet tooth and I have developed one. It’s hard when people bring so many delicious goodies to work, especially around holidays. I don’t keep sweets at home, but it still will be hard for both of us to get used to.

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