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Saturday morning coffee pot post

This is the post where I write whatever pops into my mind until my little coffee pot is empty.

I’m beginning late this morning because I decided last night that I would sleep as late as I felt like sleeping. I’ve had sinus problems all week and that drags me down considerably. Usually sleeping late for me means 9 a.m. I got up to feed the cats and laid down in the spare (cat-free) bedroom. The next thing I knew, it was 11:20, after some extremely bizarro dreams.

The original plan had been to go to the farmers’ market and do some yard work before it begins raining. Oh well. I’ll go by Deep Roots later – they carry a lot of local food nowadays.

I’m watching Miss Lucy watch the yellow maple leaves fall past the pink sassaqua blossoms outside the window. A very pretty sight. Miss Lucy has gotten closer to my heart. Guido is getting on my nerves because he has been howling all morning. I asked Sandy if he did this every morning after I leave and he said yes. Guido is a very loud cat. He gets upset over almost anything and he throws up a lot. I love him anyway.

Last night I laid awake for a while listening to Sandy sing. This is very unusual for Sandy to sing out loud – he had on headphones and I don’t think that he knew that I could hear him. I asked him about it a few minutes ago and he said that he was singing Meat Loaf songs to Jazz. Miss Jazz acts very weird when you sing to her. She begins meowing and circling and will eventually work her way up to your face where she will try to lick your nose and mouth.

I’m looking forward to doing some journaling and painting and I begin L.K.’s online class tomorrow. Yesterday when I went to class I was a little early so I went into the shop at Weatherspoon Art Museum (where my art history class is held) and talked to the person running it about carrying some of my handmade blank journals. They had one handmade book and some commercial blank journals. I was surprised when she reacted positively and she gave me her card. So that proves that it never hurts to try. I would consider it a real coup to get anything into the shop at Weatherspoon because it is such a respected museum – even if it didn’t sell it would be nice to be able to say that I had work in the shop.

When I was at Journalfest I didn’t pay any attention to the Loma cameras and photography because there are times when I need to focus to avoid being overwhelmed, and I accomplish this by shutting out a lot of new stuff. I put it in my brain for future reference and to my surprise the museum shop had some of these cameras for sale. I asked about them and she said that they are cheap film cameras that let in a lot of light so that you can get a lot of interesting effects with them. I’m looking at the Lomography website, and it does look like fun. They also look a lot like the little Russian camera that Sandy bought when he was in England, and was stolen from around my neck when we were in New York City in 1986. So it is possible that we owned one of these at one time. I might buy a fisheye or pinhole camera just to play with.

I finally wrapped up my tooth drama when I got my permanent crown this past week. There were a lot of minor complications in the whole two-month process. The receptionist called me “our professional dental patient.” I go back for cleaning next week. It’s a good thing that I love my dentist and hygenist. It really was worth it, though. I didn’t realize the constant low-grade pain that I stayed in until I got the root canal.

Okay, coffee pot is empty. Guess I need to join the real world now.

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