I can’t get it through my head that it is October 19. I keep thinking that it is a week earlier or a week later. I think that I just can’t process the idea that my big wonderful trip is this week!

But for some reason, I can’t make myself begin packing? What’s up with that? Oh well, the kitchen needed a good cleaning. I’ll get it done tomorrow.

I’m pretty sure that I aced my exam today. Turns out that studying sometimes pays off. Who knew? I never studied in high school or for the first BA I earned (well, maybe a LITTLE for that one). I did okay without it, although with a degree that I couldn’t earn much more than minimum wage with for years. Now with middle age and a few thousand killed brain cells from my partying years, I have memory problems.

Wednesday morning will be a milestone for me – after years of a serious flying phobia, I will fly across the country all by myself. I’m not nervous about it at all, although I still don’t like to fly because of my motion sickness issues.

I think that my reluctance to begin packing is driven by the anxiety of decision-making. I will have to have one checked bag because of the art supplies I need to take, and I want to take only one carry-on bag and a large tote bag. Nothing that is too much for me to reasonably lug around on my own with a sprained hand. I am the type of person who will attempt to bring the whole house with her for a weekend away. It is part of the obsessive contingency planning personality thing. What if this happens? What if that gets ruined or lost or broken? This is the one time that I admire Sandy for his laissez-faire attitude about travel. Of course he doesn’t have to worry because I do more than enough for two.

I’m going to go to bed early and pack tomorrow night. And go to bed early tomorrow night too. It’s like Christmas – the earlier you fall asleep the quicker Santa Claus gets here.

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