Asheville, Western North Carolina

Our trip was nice but cut a bit short. It poured rain yesterday and we had had enough of shopping. I would have liked to do a bit of hiking but Sandy suddenly developed a painful knee. I got out into nature a little bit on Sunday morning and yesterday there was a short break in the rain as we went through Chimney Rock so I played a little bit in the Broad River at the Riverwalk there.

I spent a lot of money (for me) but I’m well pleased with my purchases: a pair of gorgeous Danskos, two shirts and a jacket by Sacred Threads, a small eggbeater drill for $12 at an antique store, a couple of books at Downtown Books in Asheville, bone buttons at Chevron Beads in Asheville and shell/seed beads at New Earth in Black Mountain, a ceramic pin for Mama’s Christmas present, Stayman apples, a huge $2 cabbage. I really could have gone wild in the craft galleries if I hadn’t bought the clothes and shoes first.

We generally ate well. We stayed at a Super 8 in Black Mountain and ate dinner at the Cellar Door and the way-off-the-beaten-path Straightaway Cafe, an ironic name for a Hungarian restaurant that was up five miles of hairpin curves. Didn’t work too well for me, the carsick queen. Lunched at an old German restaurant in Black Mountain – the name escapes me right now. The Cellar Door was great but I am disappointed that we didn’t eat in Asheville or Hendersonville. At least I did get to eat my obligatory mountain meal – trout, with a pecan crust. Yum.

Sandy is a little upset because he lost his wedding ring. At least I was with him during the time that he must have lost it, so I know it was not due to funny business.

I’ll upload photos later – my hand needs a break. Trying to decide whether to go to the doctor but I’m so sick of doctors and dentists. I get my permanent crown tomorrow, which is good since I broke my temporary crown into half-a-dozen pieces this weekend.

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