I decided what to do with the little bit of Italy money leftover after paying for Journalfest and airfare to Seattle. I bought a small upright freezer so that I can store pulp and papermaking fibers that I gather and cook for times when it is not possible for me to make paper right away. The rest went to supplies. Susanne gave me a paper press and some wooden boards to go with it. I need to buy a small hydraulic jack and…I guess my paper studio will be in good shape! Maybe I’ll get a good drill with a paint-mixing attachment.

Susanne is generously beating pulp for me in her equipment (Hollander beater) until the temperatures get too low to do it, which means I only have a few weeks left. I’ll do some more corn shucks and some cattail and bulrush trimmings from my hatmaking.

Then I’ll start putting more money toward paying off the Honda. I still have $100 a month deposited directly into a money market account that is used just for vacations and art trips. Sandy wants to do a Caribbean cruise – we’ll see!

My creative juices were really flowing in the studio today. Because I tend to work on several pieces at one time and it’s too dark to get good photographs, I’ll post photos later this week.

Finally watched Dirty Dancing last night. Yeah, it was better than I thought it would be. Sandy made a remark about it being a chick flick, and I told him that it wouldn’t hurt men to watch more “chick flicks” because most men could stand to learn a thing or two about romance. So he watched it with me.