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Saturday morning coffee pot post

Doesn’t look like I’m going to yoga this morning. I slept late and I have things to do this morning. Sleeping late was so wonderful. I moved into the other bedroom around 4 a.m. and so I wasn’t awakened by snoring or cats using me for a pillow or a balance beam. And then, I had the most beautiful dream. The kind of dream where your deepest wishes come true, and even the obstacles in your way end up being laughed off as fun. I won’t bore you with it, because it would only be meaningful to me, but I’m still feeling it deeply. I’ll have to journal it before I lose it completely.

I just found out that my city district has changed to District 3. I don’t even know who my councilperson is now. I guess that it IS helpful to read the local news now and then.

Speaking of the news, I’m very happy that Greensboro College, a small college where I worked for five years, seems to have finally stabilized. It took getting their president to resign, and that brought me a lot of closure because he had hurt my family and so many other people that I knew, directly or indirectly. I always said that I’d fight against him if he dared to run for public office, but he brought himself down, thank God. I’m less and less interested in politics. Now my old boss can get on with his life, since they just found a new interim president.

I need to cover myself with skeeter repellent, rinse out the iris leaves that I cooked last night (has to be done outside), take those to Susanne, and then pick butterbeans. Once my pulp is ready I’ll be making paper this weekend.

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