I’m sure that I passed the test, but I know that I blew one big slide ID. I hope that the professora is kindly and will note that I at least got the point about the importance of the symbolism in the mosaic. I hate memorizing dates and locations. I can’t remember musicians and titles of songs either, which makes it tough to find songs that I like again. Hey, I did get today’s date right on the front of the blue book.

Right now I am cooking iris leaves in water and soda ash on the stove. Susanne is going to make the pulp for me tomorrow in her Hollander beater.

One of my co-workers brought me a copy of Dirty Dancing because she was appalled that I hadn’t seen it. It came out around the time of my wedding and even if I had had time to watch it we couldn’t afford to go to movies and we didn’t have a VCR. I missed a lot of movies from the 80s for this reason. I was what is referred to now as the “working poor.” I can’t explain why I never watched it after that. I liked Patrick in Ghost but I can’t think of anything else I saw him in. I’m a book person, not a movie person like my husband, who sees everything before I do, either online or at the movies. I think that he’s given up on me and movies, and I can’t blame him.

So if I can get my DVD player to work, I’m going to watch Dirty Dancing tonight. And try to rest my back for papermaking – it has been hurting all day.

Oh yes, I cooked butterbeans and okra with just Liquid Smoke and salt and pepper. So good! And steamed some broccoli from the garden. I think that broccoli is a vegetable that I will give up trying to grow in the Back Forty, or maybe I’ll try it next year as just a fall crop. I planted these in spring and they’ve just taken up space all summer long for a very small harvest. The tomatoes finally hit their peak but I’m still getting a few. This rain will help the rest of the harvest a LOT but I will have to resign myself to wearing mosquito repellant until frost – it is impossible to go out there for more than a couple of minutes without becoming bug lunch.

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