I’ve spent too much time daydreaming about traveling and art retreats and such and did not get the kind of studying done that I should have for my exam tomorrow. I glanced at the study guide earlier this week and have been rereading the textbook. Now I look at the study guide and I’m supposed to know dates for the slide IDs. Well, now that I think about it, it probably won’t matter that I didn’t study longer because either they’ll stick or they won’t. It’s hard to believe that I ever thought I’d become an actress because I can’t memorize worth a crap.

Anyway, I left my class notes at the office, and it’s too late to get them, so I hope that studying them during my lunch break before class will be enough.

This is why I have recurring school nightmares. I’ve never left it.

It’ll be fine – a bad grade for me personally would be a B, but as long as I pass the course that will be enough for what I want to accomplish.

Yesterday in class I was miserably sleepy, the kind of sleepy when you are desperately trying not to fall asleep. I wrote notes and scribbled constantly to try to stay awake, and I fell asleep while I was still writing. It’s not legible, but it was so funny when I saw it that I woke up enough to make it to the end of class.

Eh, architecture and dates aren’t my thing. I like the other parts, like the cultural, political, and religious history. But show me an apse and my eyes will start to glaze over. I knew this, yet I registered for this class anyway.

Maybe a D won’t be so bad. Gotta go memorize some dates now.

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