The Italy trip is off again. I’m not totally surprised because I knew that Susanne would have some major hospital bills from this summer. To tell the truth, I was stressing a little bit about spending the money.

What is ironic about it is that I found out just after I decided to try to spend an extra two weeks there as a volunteer, and got permission for the time off. There will be other friends there volunteering, and it wouldn’t have cost me much more because I would have gotten free room and board for working four hours a day. But it just doesn’t feel the same to me now.

There are other art trips that I could take, even to Italy, for the same amount or less. Or I could pay off the car. Or I could go to Italy with Anne-Marie. Or I could go back to Washington and do another art retreat. Or at Hampton, Virginia. Or John C. Campbell Folk School. Or Penland. Or take another cruise with Sandy. Or wait until next year to go back to Spannocchia with Susanne. I mean, there are so many choices that I have in my life. It makes me realize how incredibly lucky I am instead of disappointed. Isn’t that wonderful?

And yeah, I do think that I’ll have the root canal next week, so all my choices are not so rosy! :-b……..

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