Much Ado About Nothing, or, A Day with Dentists.

I had the crown replaced with a temporary this morning, which only required one novacaine shot that barely hurt. They seemed to be prepared for my argument against going to the endodontist this afternoon, smiled sweetly, and told me that it would be best to go with the original plan.

So I came home, ate an egg salad sandwich, decided not to take any pain meds that would mess up this test, took my paints back to the gazebo and painted paper and covers to distract me. Ate a Valium at 1 p.m. that kicked my butt, which took me by surprise because the one I took last night actually gave me the heebie-jeebies and I had to take another one to get to sleep. Sandy made sure that I got into the office in one piece and waited for me.

It didn’t take long because once she got the crown off, the tests showed that the nerve was still alive. She had planned to do the root canal if the nerve was dead. I thought that it would be the other way around but what do I know. However, she was still 50-50 on whether to do it or not because she said that it might be a chronically inflamed nerve. She gave me the choice of doing the root canal today or testing it again in two weeks. Well, if I had been in the pain that I was in last week I might have said do it, but I really didn’t feel the motivation.

So, if I have any tooth pain after tomorrow, I’m to go back. If not, she’ll check it in two weeks and if it’s okay I’ll get my permanent crown put on. She showed me the x-ray and explained that it would be a difficult root canal regardless, but if I get the permanent crown first and then need the root canal, it would be even more problematic.

Then I came home and took some pain meds, slept off the Valium, and woke up with the cats piled up all over me.

Now I’m going to try to forget about teeth for two weeks. It will be nice to have a beer after work again.

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