Ahh, the last two days have been perfect. Mother Nature was nice enough to give me two wonderful days of art-making and fun before my day of FEAR tomorrow.

Susanne just brought by the batch of paper that I made yesterday with her help. Weekend after next we plan to make some iris/cattail paper. We’re going to try to get as much paper made as possible before cold weather since she can’t run her beater when it’s cold. Then I’ll have lots of paper to bind into books this winter!

Last night I was feeling great so Sandy and I did what is becoming a Sunday night ritual for us – we ate at Fishbones. However, eating did set my teeth off hurting again so I had to take some pain medicine. Today I have only taken ibuprofen and sudafed pe. I’m supposed to take two Valium before I go to sleep tonight. Man, I hate this. It’s not just the feeling of not being alert. It’s also that my mother used to have to give me Valium to take me to the dentist when I was little. I feel like an eight-year-old.

I won’t be surprised if I end up not having to have the root canal. This thing really seems to have responded to the antibiotics and I suspect that the sinus/migraine headaches have made me clench my teeth and everything spiraled downward from there. But I may be wrong.

ANYway, I spent all day today in the gazebo painting papers and book covers, listening to soft music, and communing with the birds and squirrels. It was the day I’ve been meaning to have for weeks now, and something would always get in the way. This was my day to do exactly what I wanted to do and I did it.

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