Okay, I’m going to update about the dental saga, then I’m going to try not to say another word about it until next Tuesday night.

Dr. Applebaum is a young, pretty, sweet endodontist. Considering what a weepy wimp I was, she had incredible patience and compassion, along with her assistant who patted my hand and kept me supplied with dry tissues.

She couldn’t tell definitely from the tests whether I need a root canal, partly because I have a big crown on the tooth in question and partly because I took a pain pill a couple of hours before my appointment. She said that the crown was really worn out from my grinding anyway and needed to be replaced, and it would be a very difficult root canal to drill through it. So we decided that she would numb me up, pull off the crown, do the root canal if needed, and pop the crown back on temporarily until I could get a new crown.

The problem was that she couldn’t get the crown off. Also that I cried and shook and wept uncontrollably at times. And this was AFTER I took the Xanax. I bit a hole in my freakin lip.

So next Tuesday morning, I’m going back to my dentist who is going to remove this crown and make me a temporary crown, and that afternoon I’ll go back to Dr. Applebaum who will evaluate it again and do a root canal if I need it. And she says that it will be a long one if we do it.

She is suspicious that part of the reason I am in so much pain is a sinus infection, so she put me on antibiotics and told me that I could add 600 mg of ibuprofen to my hydrocodone every four hours instead of six. She gave me a prescription for Valium to use the night before and day of the procedures and another script of Vicodin to get me through the weekend.

So, thank God, at least she is very serious about keeping my pain tolerable while we figure this thing out. I had a feeling that it would be complicated. I usually hate taking drugs of any kind, but honey, I’ll take what I can get after the last few days. Getting some decent sleep will help with the hysteria, too.

I will be making paper this weekend and I’m playing with the new camera, so I won’t bore you with my dental problems any more, unless I change my mind! HA!

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