I planted the fertile crescent nearest the back steps with a variety of lettuce and mild mustard greens this afternoon. First I weeded and broke up the top inch of soil with a garden rake. Then I shoveled a thin layer of compost from the compost bin over that, and half a bag of commercial topsoil over that. (I’m trying to build up this bed.) Then I sprinkled all of these seeds over the area, raked lightly, and watered from the rain barrel.

Buttercrunch Bibb
Black-seeded Simpson
Red Sails
Rouge De Hiver
Red Oakleaf

Red Russian kale
Spring Raab
Scarlet Ohno
and whatever else is in “Morton Mild Mix” by High Mowing Seeds.

I already have Tuscan kale and one lonely Golden Chard so I’m set for greens this winter. There is a lot of broccoli in the garden but it is not heading very well. I harvested just a tiny bit that I put into a squash casserole. I’ll probably plant turnips, carrots, and radishes in the next week or so.